Sunday, 09 December 2007

The night of the prison tour

By Halima Omary

The night that we went on a tour of the Maximum Security Prison on Robben Island was a very special night.

The guy who took us around was called Mr Derrick. He was also in prison on the island for five and a half years. He arrested and charged with sabotage.

His father was a teacher and his mother was a domestic worker.

The tour was all about the prison. He showed us the courtyard and told us about the manual labour that the prisoners used to do. They had to chop stone and break it into smaller pieces under the sun. The prison warders would hit the prisoners.

I think the best part was when we were in the prison. He also told us that the prisoners could not have visitors, and on the rare occasions that they did get visitors, it was under very strict conditions because they had to be separated by a piece of glass and no touching was allowed.

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