Sunday, 09 December 2007

The rights of the child according to Unicef

By Prisca Mupati

The United Nations convention on the rights of the child - this means we have agreed to obey special rules how children should be treated all over the world. If we do not obey the rules we will be in a lot of trouble at the United Nations.
Every child in the world have the right to education, nobody can take those rights away from you. Make sure you know about them.
Respect the rights of others. Help us to build the future of our country.

The children’s rights are important as it touches every aspect of children’s lives.
In the summary, African children have:
-The right to education.
-The right to be protected.
-The right to expression.
-The right to be heard.
-The right to healthy food.
-The right to shelter.
-The right to religious.
-The right to be responsible.
-The right to privacy.
-The right of child with disability.
-The right not to work under age of 16.
-The right to be treated equal.
-The right to development.

The convention on the rights of African children
By Wezi Chirwa
There were many reasons why the United Nations was very worried about children and felt they needed extra-special rights.
The United Nations is convinced that children grow best in a family or home where they can be happy, loved and understood. This means that families and those who look after children must be protected so that they can look after their children and help them grow.

The children need to grow up in a way that will make them responsible adults and members of their countries. They should be taught to live in the world in peace, dignity, tolerance, freedom, equality and unity.

Many different international documents and declarations have called for the special care welfare, treatment and protection of children. It makes sense to write them all down in one document - a document for children only.
.Some countries have not adopted the rights of children - Malawi, Rwanda, Sudan, Ethiopia, Mali and Zimbabwe. The children in these countries live in very difficult conditions. It would be good sense to have a special convention on the rights of children

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