Sunday, 09 December 2007

Hip-Hop a favourite at MKK

By Jameel Webster

All the delegates have had the pleasure of experiencing a new introduction to this year’s Media Kidocracy Konfrence with the Hip-Hop Dance sessions.

The “Dance Web” dance company who were brought on board by UNICEF has brought in a new, fun way for children to learn about there rights.

The first dance session started on Wednesday night and it came along with a theme which was “The Right to Life”.

The second session on Thursday had the same theme but it changed to “You have the Right to a Family” when the third session started on Friday morning.

In my opinion the dance sessions were really fun and everyone participated enthusiastically. I especially enjoyed the demonstrations that one of the “Dance Web” dancers (Tumi Tladi) gave and also I enjoyed the Hip-Hop dance battles between group one and group two which took place on Saturday night.

“It’s been really awesome, and I’m really proud of these guys,” says owner of Dance Web/choreographer, Craig Bullock.

“I hope that the kids learn from the dance sessions and that the dance and drama piece bring the message across of the rights of a child that will continue beyond MKK,” says Bullock.

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