Monday, 10 December 2007

A breakdown of cultural barriers

By Inshaaf Isaacs

Cultural barriers were demolished thanks to MKK – the Media Kidocracy Konfrence hosted on Robben Island in 2007. Youth from diverse cultures and beliefs shared accommodation, ideas and enjoyed the activities planned by the crew.

Curious minds were always found at the dining tables, in their dorms, playing soccer or just relaxing answering and asking questions regarding the culture and way of life of their newly found friends.
Prayer time was especially exciting for the Muslim students as fellow room-mates watched in amazement when they performed their prayers. “It was really exciting, it’s not as if you have an audience watching you pray at home,” said a delegate.
Youth from Sudan, Burundi, Congo and Cape Town had nearly lost their voices after endless explaining the significance of their faith and culture. “We don’t mind explaining, it goes both ways, you know something I don’t and vice versa,” says Elie Tshitenge from Cape Town.

Culture is a barrier that prevents the best of friendships from even starting. However, thanks to MKK this barrier has be removed and new open-minded youth have blossomed. We should all make it our duty to destroy the barrier of cultural diversity and work towards a better youth for a better future. On behalf of all participants of the MKK we would like to thank all who made it possible – THANK YOU!

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