Sunday, 09 December 2007

A word about YOU SAID IT! The MKK newsletter

By Nokutula Neka

Media Kidocracy Konference is hotter and hip with loads of African flavour , the island way! This issue of You Said It will be giving you a closer look at all the activities and fun events that happened on Robben Island with children from around the African continent like Sudan, Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo fighting for the same dream. Lets all speak Africa with the help of Bush Radio and UNICEF!

The Media Kidocracy Konference is going for the 8th time around, each year trying to find solutions for problems that seem to jeopardise the future of young people.

There is everything for everyone including those with lost souls, those who are trying to figure out who they are, those who are confused about sexuality, not knowing much about global warming, those who are not sure what virginity testing is all about and circumcision and those who are sick of being judged by how they look or dress by society.

The Media Kidocracy Konference also helps children to be more aware of child labour, trafficking and their rights, including when they are in prison so that the won’t be abused, neglected, unheard, violated and so that you can stand up for your right and let no one walk over you like a doormat.

Everyone was shocked when the well known musician Danny K with supermodel girlfriend Lee-Anne Liebenberg. Danny K gave a speech about supporting children’s media and how he would like to see young people living their dreams and how we should keep focused on making a difference so that this world can be better!

With all the knowledge you will be pimped, with respecting everyone as they are because we are all different!

Love yourself because if you don’t, no one will do that for you!

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