Monday, 10 December 2007

You've heard them... now see them

By Jameel Webster & Inshaaf Isaacs

Jameel Webster and Inshaaf Isaacs spoke to the dopest DJs in the universe. As we know (and as YOU know) Victor J and Wesley aka Wes gave us their views on MKK and doing what they do best... hosting the breakfast show on Robben Island.

Victor, the host of Bush Radio's vibrant AM show It's All Good, has been on board with MKK for three years accompanied by his partner in rhymes Wesley. They have been doing the breakfast show during the Media Kidocracy Konfrence weekdays live from Robben Island for the past three years.

“It was interesting to see people from different backgrounds and cultures come together, especially in terms of communication and how easily the delegates adapted to their newly found home, for their stay during the Konference,” says Victor J.

“It’s been brilliant seeing diverse youth share experiences and ideas,” says Wesley.

The DJs were expecting a lot of hard work and dedication from the delegates. Their expectations were met and had a ball of a time waking up the sleepy participants after their “hip-hop till you drop” (literally) classes which they had endless fun with before going to bed each night.

“MKK has grown dramatically and has spread from radio to all forms of media, hence RKK – Radio Kidocracy Konference. It’s brilliant and it deserves more recognition; we have achieved international recognition as delegates from all over Africa have attended,” says Wesley.

“We are striving towards encouraging more diverse cultures coming aboard,” says Victor J.

“The media is a powerful tool that should be used constructively. As youth you should NOT feel intimidated by it but use it to make yourself heard. If there’s anything you want - go for it. Never be discouraged, we all have dreams and education is YOUR key to success. If you fail simply dust yourself and try and try again,” said the DJs.

To all who read this remember… Daai Sie Move!

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