Monday, 10 December 2007

Jameel was inspired to write these words...

By Jameel Webster

From Me To You

Everyday is a struggle but we keep moving on
Hustling to survive and keep going strong
It might not be so understandable to you
But if you step back and look at it you’ll really see the truth now,
A lot of things are happening in the world today
There’s more bad than good so we lose our way
And people get sucked in, they feel the pressure
Working a normal nine-to-five that can really stress you
Some people go their whole lives without love
Never knowing what it’s like to know there’s someone thinking of you
We need to break through, show someone that you care
That’s all it takes to make a difference, show someone you’re there coz,
We only have one life but more than one chance
It’s up to you to take advantage make your own brand
It’s possible to change the world just make a stand
All you have to do is believe coz I know you can…

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